aside Who’s the Baby?

Meet Raffaela Petra.

img_0065She’s pretty much the best, prettiest, most wonderful human being I could have ever made. My personal oven (aka my womb) pretty much operated at the perfect standard of an AGA oven. There was no microwaved shit here. I’m still amazed.

She’s only 5 months old but I know she’s a super smart, wonderful, generous, kind soul. It’s amazing how babies are this pure heap of goodness. I hope I do a good job to keep it in her.

I love my husband, Angelo. It can’t be an easy gig for the partners to be honest. Not breastfeeding or birthing aside, it’s hard to be the second lead. Sometimes I think he feels like the understudy. (SO MANY topics to talk about here!) But I know Raffaela already has him wrapped around her baby finger. Her smile for him is so bright.

I love watching Raffaela learn new things and grow. Even through the challenging nights (why. won’t. she. sleep??) I’m still amazed by her.

And I can’t wait to share our stories! 🙂

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